Lakeside Home

Lakeside Home

A spacious new family house built on the edge of a lake in a Cheshie town for which we designed and made the staircase, master bedroom furniture, study, kitchen and a range of joinery throughout the house.

The Master Bedroom with a expansive feature headboard, fitted cabinetry and window banquette seating.

The Contemporary style staircase has a gallery on the first floor and wine storage below on the ground floor.

A set of sliding doors and a contemporary take on the traditional radiator cover.

An elegant study with bespoke fitted cabinetry on one side and matching wall panelling on the other.

An traditional open plan kitchen with an eclectic mix of finishes including hand-painted island and base cabinets and a grey stained oak dresser unit. Copper handles and mixer tap add a contemporary twist to the scheme.

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