25 Year Anniversary
25 Year Anniversary


Producing truly bespoke work of the highest quality takes a co-ordinated, skilled and committed team, working across all areas. Constant investment in training and technology is an essential part of ensuring that the company can deliver a unique product and service every time.

"'Hetherington Newman appreciate the delicate balance between creative talent and technical expertise, and deliver the appropriate level of functional and aesthetic qualities that high-end interiors demand'"

Weeks & Cowling Interior and architectural Design Studio

Working closely with private clients, Architects and Interior Designers, our design teams in the Knutsford and Holland Park showrooms, have the creativity and expertise to translate their ideas into successful projects. A combination of hand sketches and CAD technology produces drawings and imagery for clients to gain a clear visual understanding of our proposals for their project. Final detailed drawings then enable our workshop team to ensure that every part is interpreted accurately.

When creating beautiful, practical and lasting solutions, a sound knowledge about and respect for materials, proportions and functionality are key, along with a fastidious attention to detail.

"Hetherington Newman - We can't thank you enough for the craftsmanship and timeless design you brought to our home. It has brought a whole new meaning to intuitive, when cooking everything just makes sense and is at your fingertips. Its been life changing!"

Mrs T

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