Based in the Derbyshire market town of Glossop, our workshop facility embraces the values of traditional craftsmanship alongside technology and innovations in working with wood and other materials.

It is by combining the trained eye and handwork of our skilled craftsmen with the pinpoint accuracy of high tech, CNC machinery, that allows us to produce truly bespoke, robust results to a premium standard that sets us apart in our industry.

Regular training and investment are key to maintaining a strong team with the experience and expertise to rise to the challenges presented by high quality, bespoke manufacturing where each project is unique. But it is the passion of our craftsmen for what we do that really shines through in the results that we deliver.

"Hetherington Newman's highly motivated team has impressed us with their reliable and approachable work ethos, delivering workmanship quality of the highest standard even in Covid-19 restricted lockdown times."
Mrs A

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